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September 9, 2023 9:00-1:00

Presenter: Beth Ann Hepburn

Workshop Title: Invitations for Creativity

This workshop will focus on how to use manipulatives, poetry, and rhythmic speech as the impetus for student creations. Material for the day will be suited for grades K-5 with an emphasis on students creating in each lesson. We will use the Schulwerk processes for exploration, imitation, and creation in a variety of media; moving, singing, and speaking our way from various invitations to create.

Beth Ann Hepburn holds a Bachelor of Music from Cleveland State University, and a Master of Arts in Music Education from The University of St. Thomas, MN. She teaches 4-6th grade general music in Streetsboro, Ohio, where she has the state designation of Master Teacher.  She is an instructor for the American Orff-Schulwerk Association’s teacher education certification program and has served on faculty for Orff-Schulwerk teacher education courses at Villanova University, Trinity University and the University  of Hawaii.  Beth Ann has worked with teachers and children in China, Singapore, Scotland, and India.  She has taught music methods courses at Cleveland State University and the University of Akron.  Beth Ann is a regular presenter at regional, state and national conferences, has served on the AOSA National Board of Trustees and served as their professional development chair.  Beth Ann is professional development chair for General Music for the Ohio Music Education Association, serves as Music Education Consultant at Music is Elementary, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement.  

October 28, 2023   9:00-1:00

Bring a recorder & ukulele if you desire to this workshop!

Presenter: Charissa Duncanson

Workshop Title: Create Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors through Children’s Literature

Learn how to incorporate an inclusive space for literature to teach musical concepts in your classroom. Teachers in this session will be able to encourage social and emotional learning by understanding the differences between creating mirrors, windows, and sliding doors through children's lit.  Charissa will bring several book recommendations for the music classroom written & illustrated by Black & Indigenous People/Persons of Color (BIPOC). Be ready to create, play, and add movement to bring new classroom stories to life! 

Charissa Duncanson (kuh- rih-suh  dung-kin-sen) has taught general music for grades ranging from K-8th in the Metro Detroit Area since 2014.  As a sought out clinician for music education, she has presented locally and internationally.  Charissa has served on multiple boards for music education associations including MMEA Michigan local affiliate of Nafme, Detroit Orff Schulwerk Association, and the American Orff Schulwerk Association. Charissa and her husband are enjoying being new parents to their sweet baby that arrived at the end of summer 2021. 

February 3, 2024 9:00-1:00

Presenter: Paul Weller

Workshop Title: A Journey Through Melody

Enjoy a day full of melody making, reading, and improvising! Beginning with pitch exploration and the very basics of the voice, we will use a sequential literacy based process to grow understanding of how to read, write, and improvise melodic content. Learn how to lead your students to connect and use extractable patterns to read new material and create their own songs from bi-tonic to diatonic pitch sets. 

Paul Weller has been teaching elemental movement and music for more than 20 years to grades K-5 at a public school in Minnesota. He earned a B.A. from St. Olaf College, M.A. in Education from Saint Mary’s University and Orff Schulwerk Levels training at University of St. Thomas. He has taught workshops locally, nationally, has presented numerous times at the AOSA national conference, and is an Orff Level I and II teacher trainer. Paul has a unique teaching style that blends the best of Orff Schulwerk process and Kodaly sequential literacy training. 

March 2, 2024 9:00-1:00

Presenter: Kate Bright

Workshop Title: Elemental Musical Adventures

Let’s go on an adventure! In this workshop, participants will explore the world of the Orff process and find new ways to sing, say, move, and play. By using simple speech patterns and easily created/obtainable manipulatives, teachers will learn how to process rhythms outside the world of 4/4 and how to allow their students (and themselves) to be their own composers.

Kate Bright is a music teacher for the West Shore School District, where she teaches approximately 700 students from kindergarten thru fifth grade. She received her Orff Schulwerk certification at the Philadelphia University of the Arts in 2010 and, in August of 2021, completed her Master’s of Kodaly Music Education at the American Kodaly Institute. She has presented at Orff chapters around the country and at the American Orff Schulwerk Association’s National Conference. In 2023, she received the ACCLAIM Award from the West Shore School District for her work in revolutionizing the elementary general music classroom. In 2015, she received the Spotlight Award from the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement, and in 2017 she received her school’s first-ever Staff Member of the Year award.  In her community, Kate also directs the Hummelstown Community Singers. She currently serves as president of the Greater Baltimore Area Orff and secretary of ACEMM. Kate also published her first book, Just Like the Moon, through F-flat Books. In her spare time, Kate runs the Elemental Musical Adventures website and Facebook group, where each day she posts a new challenge for members to complete or ponder. 

April 13, 2024 9:00-12:00 with lunch to follow

Workshop Title:  Annual Chapter Share & Lunch

Share ideas and get inspired by our amazing local teachers!  Sing, say, dance and play as we close out the school year joyfully! This is a great workshop to attend if you would like to observe greater detail on lesson planning and process! This workshop will conclude with our annual chapter meeting and a lunch out to share some social time.  Come and join us! 

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