2022-23 Workshop Series

General Workshop Information:

St. Louis AOSA has changed locations!!! Our new location is Ellisville Elementary School, 1425 Froesel Dr., Ellisville, MO 63011. Click here for detailed directions and a map of the area (Ellisville is approximately 25 miles west of downtown St. Louis).


Membership Dues and Workshop Fees:

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2022-23 Workshop Series


Natasha Thurmon: Give a Little Grace – Teaching with Understanding and Empathy

September 17, 2022 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Natasha ThurmonAs we continue on our path towards “back to normal”, we need to remember to give ourselves- and our students- a little grace and forgiveness, while remaining musical. Participants will engage with beginning of the year lessons and ideas for how to create a welcoming and friendly music room environment.


James Allen: Come Together As One As We Move, Create And Drum!

October 8, 2022 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

James Allen

We will explore authentic techniques on the beautiful, ancient frame drum as well as tubanos and percussion instruments as we collaborate, create, improvise and inspire each other.


AOSA National Conference: Looking Forward Together

November 2-5, 2022 | Kansas City, Missouri

Join AOSA as we come together again to learn, celebrate, and grow in Orff Schulwerk through professional development sessions, events, and networking.


Kristine Wolfe: Sing, Say, Move, Play & Create

February 11, 2023 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Kristine Wolfe

Join us as we actively make music by singing, speaking, moving and playing AND creating our own magic!


Franklin Willis: Teach Me About Hip Hop – Learning and Creating Hip Hop in Elementary Music

March 4, 2023 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Franklin Willis

The use of Hip Hop music in the elementary music classroom is becoming more prevalent as music teachers attempt to keep students actively engaged in learning. Hip Hop music is continuously evolving and is displayed in movies, books, commercials, and a host of other arenas that our students consume daily. In this course, Mr. Franklin Willis will provide solutions and ideas on how to utilize Hip Hop music to enhance student engagement and cultural relevance in the elementary music classroom. The participants will also learn about the historical context in which Hip Hop was created and how that relates to students today. At the conclusion of the course, teachers will be encouraged to practice the strategies and ideas presented to create more diverse, inclusive classrooms that value the importance of Hip Hop music.


STL AOSA Chapter Share

April 8, 2023 | 9:00AM—12:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

From repertoire to lesson extensions to classroom management tips, we have so much talent to share right here in our chapter.  If you need a great idea this is the place!

After the chapter share we will have our brief annual chapter meeting and potluck.

Quick Info

2022-23 Workshop Series

September 17, 2022
Natasha Thurmon


October 8, 2022
James Allen


February 11, 2023
Kristine Wolfe


March 4, 2023
Franklin Willis


April 8, 2023
Chapter Share & Potluck

Membership Dues & Workshop Fees

National Membership Dues: $94

Workshop Fees (Members):

  • First Workshop: $45
  • Additional Workshops: $30 each

Workshop Fees (Non-Members):

  • First Workshop: $65
  • Additional Workshops: $40 each