2021-22 Workshop Series

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St. Louis AOSA has changed locations!!! Our new location is Ellisville Elementary School, 1425 Froesel Dr., Ellisville, MO 63011. Click here for detailed directions and a map of the area (Ellisville is approximately 25 miles west of downtown St. Louis).


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2021-22 Workshop Series


David Row: The Art of Posibility

September 25, 2021 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

David RowThere are hundreds of ways to teach a song!  In this workshop we’ll take some of our favorite folk songs and look at them from all angles, exploring the possibilities in each lesson.  Could we add instruments?  Could we include a dance?  Could we modify the song’s form?  Could we change the tempo?  You’ll walk away with some new songs and lessons as well as the skills and resources to revitalize old favorites.


Cyndee Giebler: Mining the Volumes

October 16, 2021 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Cyndee Giebler

The Music for Children Volumes contain many hidden gems. Unearth these treasures with a variety of experiences that are child centered and artistic. 

Sing, dance and play your way through this virtual gold mine!


AOSA National Conference: We Belong Together!

November 3-6, 2021 | North Charleston, South Carolina

Join AOSA as we come together again to learn, celebrate, and grow in Orff Schulwerk through professional development sessions, events, and networking.


STL AOSA Chapter Share

February 5, 2022 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

From repertoire to lesson extensions to classroom management tips, we have so much talent to share right here in our chapter.  If you a great idea this is the place!

After the chapter share we will have our brief annual chapter meeting and (hopefully) potluck.

Kimberly Collins: Exploring Body Percussion with Gumboot and Stepping

March 5, 2022 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Kimberly CollinsTogether we explore the history of the South African Gumboot dance and the African-American Greek organizational style of Stepping.   Speech, analysis, rhythmic movement, and storytelling, will connect these historically rich dance styles to the Orff-Schulwerk processes.  Come make music with us!


Lorelei Batislaong: Elemental Ukulele – Approaches & Ideas We Already Know

April 9, 2022 | 9:00AM—1:00PM | Ellisville Elementary

Lorelei Batislaong

The ʻukulele has quickly established itself as a sought-after addition in the elementary music classroom. Its accessibility and uniqueness make the ʻukulele an exciting way for students to create and participate in music making. Explore an ʻukulele sequence that pulls from universal design, constructivist philosophies of knowledge building, and the Orff Approach. Bring back to your classroom concrete strategies, while also considering underlying concepts that enable a successful lesson regardless of the mode of music-making. This workshop aims to speak to teachers of all ability and experience with the ʻukulele and seeks to transfer established pedagogical knowledge within this new medium. Let’s make teaching this wonderful instrument a little less mysterious.


Quick Info

2021-22 Workshop Series

September 25, 2021
David Row


October 16, 2021
Cyndee Giebler


February 5, 2022
Chapter Share


March 5, 2022
Kimberly Collins


April 9, 2022
Lorelai Batislaong

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Local Chapter Dues: $25
National Membership Dues: $85


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  • Members: $30
  • Non-Members: $55
  • Full-Time Students: FREE! (must provide proof of full-time status)

St. Louis AOSA Package (Local Chapter Dues and All Workshops): $95