2017-18 Board of Directors

President: Stephanie Petry
Vice President: Randi Shanker
Secretary: Stephanie Brueggeman
Treasurer: Stephanie Gummershimer
Past President: Sheila Yoder Baer


2017-18 Members at Large

Associate Treasurer: Julie Vahle
Historian: Katie Hernandez
College Contact: Kim Warger
Instrumentarium Coordinator: Graeme Allen
Hospitality: Jennifer Lucas
Webmaster: Angie Kelton

Quick Info

2018-19 Workshop Series
August 25, 2018
Roger Sams:
Orff and Kodaly, Friends Not Foes!
September 22, 2018
Tracy King:
Working the Workstations
October 20, 2018
Manju Durairaj:
21st Century Orff Schulwerk – Evolution of Process
February 23,2019
Meg Tietz:
Planning Programs with Purpose
April 6, 2019
STL AOSA Chapter Share
Sheila Baer & Stephanie Brueggeman
Membership Dues & Workshop Fees
Local Chapter Dues: $25
National Membership Dues: $85
Workshop Fees:
  • Members: $30
  • Non-Members: $55
  • Full-Time Students: FREE! (must provide proof of full-time status)
St. Louis AOSA Package (Local Chapter Dues and All Workshops): $95 BEST DEAL!